At eCallogy, our philosophy is not that we are a separate entity from your business, but an extension of it. Our Customer Support Team is derived from this belief and we hold to that level of standard when adding to that team. We know that we are providing your first point of contact and that contact is of the utmost importance to the success of your business. Because of this philosophy, eCallogy has implemented serveral programs to ensure that success.

Virtual Support

Perhaps our most significant benefit is our ability to provide "remote" agents for your project, which means immediate scalability. eCallogy was a pioneer in the 'virtual' contact center module launching an at-home U.S.agent based group of professionals. We employ the latest in Cloud Based technologies to ensure fast scalability, maximum professionalism, quality control, and a cost effective solution for our partners and clients. By offering a true "work-at-home" opportunity, eCallogy has tapped a pool of mature, well-educated and experienced employees.

eCallogy provides motivated, intelligent and resourceful people to care for our client's customers.

Our people make the difference.

Let eCallogy be your one stop program solution, or let us help you determine which of our services could simplify your program needs.