- Specializing in Government, Non-Profit and Low Income Programs
- Inbound / Outbound Call Center Support
- Automated Applications
- Email, Chat and Phone Support
- 100% customizable reporting, scripting and IVR

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The new Science of Customer Service

Create a better, faster and more streamlined customer experience

Keep more of your program dollars in your Organization

All calls are answered on the first attempt with first call resolution.
No more voice mail, call backs and frustrate clients or customers.

Maximize your in house resources and staff producing a timely and pleasant outcome for your clients and customers.

Ramp up and down quickly for advertisements, emergency situations and when needed for high traffic and sudden spikes in volume with ease.

Reduce and minimize office space, telephone lines, computers, softwares and equipment cost

Online and telephone electronic application or form production ensures that fields are filled in correctly and delivered immediately, reducing the need for paper and follow up's with clients for missing data.

Reduce staffing, training and hiring for seasonal or short term programs

Let eCallogy be your one stop program solution, or let us help you determine which of our services could simplify your program needs.